Original Equipment Seats

You may be aware that your car or other cars you have seen have Recaro manufactured seats as standard, these are known as Original Equipment (OE) seats.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide the Recaro OE car seats as these will be specifically manufactured by Recaro for the car manufacturer and they are not released for aftermarket sales other than through the car dealerships.

However many of the seats that you will see on this website may match and be very similar to (if not the same as) some OE seats.

We recommend that you look at our range of aftermarket racing seats, sport seats and ergonomic car seats and see if you can identify the seat that you are looking for.

Please be aware that mounting holes on aftermarket seats may not match mounting holes on Original Equipment seats and therefore you will more than likely need a mounting kit to match the seat mounting holes to the car mounting holes.

Please also be aware that Recaro mounting kits are only gauranteed to match and fit Recaro aftermarket seats and may not match or fit OE seats even though the OE seats may be manufactured by Recaro for the car manufacturer.